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The BS in BSL…

              Breed-Specific Legislation is problematic for the simple reason that the notion of ‘breed’ is itself questionable, and if the very essence of the idea has no legitimacy, then any legislation based on it

Companion Animal Welfare’s Trolley Problem

  Those engaged in companion animal welfare in South Africa face an ethical dilemma, which can be expressed as a Trolley Problem. If you don’t know what that is, read here:     The short version is that the

Prohibition: Sometimes it’s the only way

  A recent announcement by the Department of Trade and Industry was greeted with some enthusiasm by animal lovers in South Africa, particularly those who signed a petition to oppose the legalisation of Greyhound racing. Department spokesperson Sidwell Medupe said:

Why dog racing must remain banned in South Africa

Dog racing is illegal in 38 of the 48 ‘home’ states in the USA, and for good reason.Dog racing includes many undesirable elements: 1. Race dogs live in crates or pens an average of 20 hours per day. Pens are

Will the ‘Ethical Breeder’ please stand up?

Why is there a certain group of people who are let off the hook, because they are “registered” show breeders, who breed for only one purpose “breeding the perfect animal for the show bench” (which is a total nonsense, because

Just for SHOW

“The time has come where we’ve just got to give up this kind of “master race” mentality that we have about dogs. Our system of breeding dogs, of isolating small populations called breeds and then practicing eugenics, generation after generation

Justice Threatened

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ~ Martin Luther King Jr Following raids on 23rd May and 11th June, the NSPCA killed 30 dogs confiscated from Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary (HY). They then published selected pictures and this

City Pets Self-indictment

Recently, a group called ‘Ban Animal Trading’ ran a protest outside City Pets in Germiston. Apparently, it is the first in a long line of intended protests against those trading in live animals. In publishing a defence of it’s honour,