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Man’s Best Friend Betrayed

Dogs have been human companions for a long time. A recent study suggests that the relationship between humans and dogs started about 30 000 years ago, when fur-clad humans were living in caves and hunting woolly mammoths. “Dogs were our companions

SAVA CVC’s: Sustainable Welfare

        85% of the estimated 6 million dogs in SA have no access to veterinary services. One of the major hurdles is the affordability of veterinary services. At the moment vets charge high prices to cover their

The BS in BSL…

              Breed-Specific Legislation is problematic for the simple reason that the notion of ‘breed’ is itself questionable, and if the very essence of the idea has no legitimacy, then any legislation based on it

Letter to KUSA: A member tells it like it is…

I have been a member for over 15 years and I am sorry to tell you the efficacy and image of KUSA is severely tarnished in the public eye. You have breeders who are “puppy farming ” to the nth

Will the ‘Ethical Breeder’ please stand up?

Why is there a certain group of people who are let off the hook, because they are “registered” show breeders, who breed for only one purpose “breeding the perfect animal for the show bench” (which is a total nonsense, because

Just for SHOW

“The time has come where we’ve just got to give up this kind of “master race” mentality that we have about dogs. Our system of breeding dogs, of isolating small populations called breeds and then practicing eugenics, generation after generation

Face to Face with PIT BULLS: The Real Deal

I saw this recently and I heard subsequently that it had been cited in a radio program: Ten Commandments of Pit Bull Ownership Thou shalt NEVER trust thy Pit Bull not to fight Thou shalt contain thy Pit Bull securely