Mission and Activities

Non-human animals are under threat all over the planet; wild animals from habitat destruction, hunting and poaching, farm animals from increased exploitation and cruelty, and companion animals from neglect and abuse. In all these cases, current legislation and policing are doing little to change the situation, and from the public ignorance combined with a complacent attitude does not help.

While there is an operational infrastructure that is doing all it can to stem the tide of neglect, exploitation and abuse, it needs all the help it can get to tell the world about the problems it faces, what can be done about it, and how the public can help.

There are many problems which cannot be solved with hands-on operations. These include legislation, policies, policing and of course changing the prevailing culture.

I am still of the opinion that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and that clear, intelligent and rational communication is a crucial component of bringing change for the animals. With that intent, the Hopeful Foundation’s activities are the following:



Hopeful has for some time sent out a fortnightly newsletter in which we have kept members informed concerning events in the world of companion animal welfare. Now we will add updates about hunting, poaching, circuses, the meat industry, and every other way in which humans exploit animals, and features on organisations working on these issues. We will continue to network this information via social media, as well as posts from other organisations, including homeless companion animals,


Education has always been a primary component of the Hopeful focus; now we will strive to expand from our historical base and write editorials and write and distribute publications dealing with factory farms, wild animals, animals in entertainment, and of course companion animals.


The existing campaigns will continue, which at the moment include the Fireworks Banning Initiative and the campaign to have the pet limit laws set aside and to introduce breeding restriction laws. We will also feature campaigns by other organisations and assist wherever necessary.