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The Prevention Imperative

        When any organisation states that its purpose or mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, one would expect that such an organisation would be engaged in activities that focus on prevention. Let’s consider the meaning of

Why I Don’t Eat Animals

I finally finished the first edition of my booklet, “Why I Don’t Eat Animals”. I started it in 2011, and due to new research, changes in my own thinking, and work demands, it has taken me four years to complete.

Meat: the Hunger Connection

A common myth about hunger is that it is caused by ‘scarcity’ and this perception very much depends on what you mean by the term. The idea that there is not enough food for everyone is not one supported by

Food Choice and Global Depletion

        There is an ‘Elephant in the Room’ that nobody in conservation or climate change is talking about, and it’s strange, bordering on insane… “What are all of the conservation groups doing about the problem of global