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The Prevention Imperative

        When any organisation states that its purpose or mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, one would expect that such an organisation would be engaged in activities that focus on prevention. Let’s consider the meaning of

Open Adoptions and Companion Animal Ethics

        I was told recently that Ark Animal Centre do not do home checks but instead process adoptions using the ‘American system’. It’s something of a misnomer because it’s not like ALL rescue organisations in America employ

Man’s Best Friend Betrayed

Dogs have been human companions for a long time. A recent study suggests that the relationship between humans and dogs started about 30 000 years ago, when fur-clad humans were living in caves and hunting woolly mammoths. “Dogs were our companions

The Future of Companion Animal Welfare: The Education Imperative

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela     The great majority of SA companion animal welfare organisations are involved in rescue and rehoming. A small minority focus on

Aliens Among Us

      When I was a kid, my family used to have movie nights, most often at my Uncle’s house. He had turned his garage into a movie theatre, complete with gold eggshells lining the walls and a curtain

Mandatory Sterilisation: It’s not Magic

The Companion Animal Population Control Imperative Many years ago, I read an outstanding book about the nature of cures in medicine, entitled ‘Beyond the Magic Bullet’, in which Bernard Dixon showed that the notion of a single remedy for a


        The events of last week, where a post, including pictures, presented a purportedly damning case against an animal shelter and it’s proprietor, made me reflect on posts of this nature, their legitimacy, and their effects. It

Why I Don’t Eat Animals

I finally finished the first edition of my booklet, “Why I Don’t Eat Animals”. I started it in 2011, and due to new research, changes in my own thinking, and work demands, it has taken me four years to complete.