Hi! I'm Derek, founder of the Hopeful Foundation, and I want to take you on a tour of the Hopeful Web Infrastructure, as well as tell you about what we do. Once you have read below the overview of the Hopeful Foundation and its purpose, let me show you the various facilities that make up the Hopeful infrastructure. The Hopeful Foundation's home is at http://www.companions.org.za - please read the 'About' section to understand the Hopeful Vision.

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The Purpose of the Hopeful Foundation is to support and defend non-human animals


Informing, Educating, Advocating and Campaigning with the intention of changing the mindset of humans with regard to the place of non-human animals in our world, and in so doing change policies, governance and legislation that impacts on non-human animals

through the following facilities:

Hopeful Blog (click to see)

This is the core of the Hopeful web presence, and the landing page from which all other Hopeful features can be accessed, via the "Hopeful Links" section. We feature News, Featured Animal Welfare and Rights Organisations, Action Alerts, Advocational Editorials, as well as sponsors ads and free ebooks.

Social Networking

Social Networking has become an important component of the Internet landscape. It is one of the most effective methods of reaching large groups of people. We network for many other organisations and promote initiatives that we believe will enhance sustainability of companion animal welfare in SA.

We have an established presence on Facebook, where we network homeless and lost and found animals, and our presence on Twitter is growing.


FBI (Fireworks Banning Initiative): http://fbi.companions.org.za

We have been fighting to get fireworks banned for many years, and now have a National infrastructure with Campaign leaders in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Pet Limit By-Laws: We are still in the process of fighting the Pet Limit By-Laws all over the country. We are constantly looking for test cases to show that the legislation is unnecessary and counter-productive.  This year we have taken the Council on in respect of several cases; we have yet to lose an animal.

Complexes and Retirement Home Body Corporates: There has been pressure in recent times from Body Corporate Trustees and Managing Agents on animal owners. We helped by publishing a booklet and we assist animal lovers with free advice in liaison with our legal advisers. This year we assisted more than 30 concerned animal lovers.

Education: We publish booklets and ebooks informing members and the public concerning a number of issues, including Breed-Specific Legislation, Purebred dog problems, and other companion-animal related issues. Click on the booklet for one of them:

Companion Animal Population Control: We believe that the current overpopulation crisis cannot be corrected by more rehoming because the constraint is that the animals being bred cannot be absorbed by the community, and that mass sterilisations are the only way to stop the flow of new animals into the population.

There is much else that takes place in the background, including consulting with legal advisers, behaviourists, vets, and others with professional expertise. discussions with politicians and other interest groups where we may have common ground, and development of strategy and tactics with individuals and groups with which we are aligned. I send out a report to sponsors at the end of every year informing them about everything we do and our plans for the following year.


The Hopeful Heads-Up, sent out fortnightly when possible, includes companion animal news, features on welfare organisations, action alerts, and educational and informational articles. Register here to receive it: http://www.companions.org.za/intro/headsupreg.htm Click here to see a copy of a previous newsletter.


There are many ways in which you could support us in our efforts.

1. Bidorbuy

If you buy your animal companion items from Bidorbuy by clicking on our link to get there, we earn commissions on each sale! There is a huge range of products, they normally offer a discounted price, and the items will be couriered to you! If you are looking for something specific, email me at derekdut@companions.org.za and I will send you the link, or go to the Hopeful Trading links page (http://www.companions.org.za/trading.htm) otherwise click on the banner below and support us while you shop!

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2. Sponsor

Another is to become a monthly sponsor. We like having a number of small sponsors who typically donate R100 a month, because that means when a sponsor 'drops off' it does not cripple us. But if you want to donate less or more, we're equally happy! Currently we are in need of many new sponsors, there has been a significant reduction in donations of late.

Bank Details:

Capitec Bank
Acc. number 1416896498
Branch Code 470010


3. Dog Food

We have a special deal with Midfeeds, where we pay Distributor prices for dog food

Nedbank account number 1522 122 966

Branch Nicolway code 152-205 and account name is Midfeeds.

Reference for Hopeful: HOP0203

Please send payment notification to derekdut@companions.org.za so that we know it's there.

4. Airtime

Any airtime placed on the Hopeful Data sim on 076 719 5616 will assist us to get data bundles - I use at least 5 Gb a month.