Open vs Closed Admission Shelters - What Gives?

Open vs Closed Admission Shelters - What Gives?

In order to understand the fundamental divide in animal welfare, we need to appreciate that the key difference between animal shelters is not High Kill vs Pro Life, but Open vs Closed Admission. More »

The Future of Companion Animal Welfare: The Education Imperative

The Future of Companion Animal Welfare: The Education Imperative

If we are serious about sustainable change in the way animals are treated in South Africa, we need to play an active role in educating people in every community, and especially the poorer members. More »



Instead of respect and admiration for our best friends, we have reduced them to slaves, to be used as our proxies in dog fighting, as extensions of our egos in dog shows, as means of income by breeders. More »

SAVA CVC’s: Sustainable Welfare

        85% of the estimated 6 million dogs in SA have no access to veterinary services. One of the major hurdles is the affordability of veterinary services. At the moment vets charge high prices to cover their

Aliens Among Us

      When I was a kid, my family used to have movie nights, most often at my Uncle’s house. He had turned his garage into a movie theatre, complete with gold eggshells lining the walls and a curtain

Joburg Pet Limit By-Laws: Counter-Productive and Superfluous

I was asked to assist a welfare organisation and this was my response to Joburg Council, who insisted that the organisation in question obtain a permit as ‘kennels’ or reduce their current dogs from 14 to 4: The original complaint

Mandatory Sterilisation: It’s not Magic

The Companion Animal Population Control Imperative Many years ago, I read an outstanding book about the nature of cures in medicine, entitled ‘Beyond the Magic Bullet’, in which Bernard Dixon showed that the notion of a single remedy for a


        The events of last week, where a post, including pictures, presented a purportedly damning case against an animal shelter and it’s proprietor, made me reflect on posts of this nature, their legitimacy, and their effects. It

Why I Don’t Eat Animals

I finally finished the first edition of my booklet, “Why I Don’t Eat Animals”. I started it in 2011, and due to new research, changes in my own thinking, and work demands, it has taken me four years to complete.

Mangaung By-Laws Comments

        In response to the draft by-laws for Mangaung, the following comments/suggestions were made by a DA councillor. I do wish politicians would consult with those who have some knowledge of the variables, I came across this

Meat: the Hunger Connection

A common myth about hunger is that it is caused by ‘scarcity’ and this perception very much depends on what you mean by the term. The idea that there is not enough food for everyone is not one supported by