AACL PE Update

It is time to catch up on some AACL PE news for the first six months of a very busy year so far!  So many wonderful people have come on board to help us.  Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who supports our appeals for blankets, food, etc.  Without your love and support, we could not do it!  Obviously, I cannot mention absolutely everyone, but please know that you are all appreciated.  Some of our highlights and good news cases are reflected here.  The daily sad news cases continue, but today, we share the happy endings!


STERILISATIONS:  AACLPE has a motto of “sterilise, sterilise, sterilise”!  We are all of the conviction that addressing the over-breeding is one of our most vital aims.  It not only ends the suffering and neglect, but also ensures healthy and happy animals.  Our Doc Mirjam and her team are phenomenal.  To date, with the help of the wonderful Dr. Lucie Runnalls and Dr. Kelly Bartlett at our Alicedale spayathon, we have completed 1184 sterilisations from January to June.

Alicedale spayathon block 2016

SHOUT OUT GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS:  Our Swat Teams:  Night-raiders on Cruelty cases:  Karien van Schalkwyk, Lindill and Lindette Beets, Raaez Reddy and Beverley Rademeyer.

A huge thanks to our Dipathon and spayathon Swat teams, all pictured in action,  Julie Etherington, John and friends, Fran Offerman and friends, our incredible foster moms and homers of note –  Christell and Magda, Hazel Matthyser, Traci Vink – for arranging those wonderful fundraising walks for all the societies, Chaune Reddy for the massage-a-thons, Yolandi and Harry Strauss from Choice Chunks and Wuma for their incredible food donations for our spayathons, Munch Walmer Park and Annece Olivier for their sterilisaton initiative, Monique Smith and Belting Supply Services for the kennel initiative,Pick n Pay Head Office food sponsorship, Workstation for launching and sponsoring the full Joe Slovo Dipathon, Ed Gutsche and Edge Finance for their sponsorship of food, Debbie and Humeat for the amazing, spontaneous donations to all those satellite shelters, Sarah Jessica Steyn and the Raid the Robots group for their zany fundraising, Marizanne Ferreira for loads of help with various things(!), Ria and the Sunshine School (Sunridge Park) for their wonderful sponsorship of a mini-spayathon, Radisson Blu and Algoafm for nominating us as part of the Mandela Day recipients, Hannie de Wit for those awesome ongoing collars and Pearson High School Ecos group for their ongoing fundraising towards a full spayathon!

joe slovo dipathon

PAWS MONTHLY:  Thank you, Liz Yates and Paws Monthly for the wonderful, uplifting stories. Long may they continue!

Paws monthly 2

BLOCK PICS:  To the wonderful people who have made a difference to a life:  thank you for taking our severe cases into heart and home:  Fran Offerman, Traci Vink, Mariana Blofield, Michelle Annear, Glen and Hilary Truscott;  Bob and Riley are still in need of their forever homes:  please contact Fran Offerman 0828082998 to change Bob’s life or Magda on 0799068635 for our full of joie de vivre, Riley.


AACL PE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!  We are thrilled to have been “adopted” by Ooba, Pierre Kitching Attorneys, FPC/IPC and Anton Barnard Brokers! A huge thanks to Ute Kock, Tarryn Kock, Andre Barry Kock, Denise Barnard and Tessa and Pierre Kitching for taking on our cause.  Not only have they raised phenomenal sums for us, but they have made a commitment to continuing to do so and to helping us to realise our dream of converting our triple garage into a dedicated sterilisation operating theatre.  This would help us to nearly double our sterilisation figures.  The Golf Day and Trailer Trash Tea were phenomenal successes.  Salutas!


SMSPortal:  Thanks to the Weekend Post, Herald and Social media, our appeal for the Paterson Outreach fell on vibrant young ears and our most grateful thanks go out to Ryan Louw and Charles of SMSPortal who have sponsored the entire outreach – food, blankets, collars and beds for all Paterson animals, as well as 40 sterilisations.  Thank you, Chantal Barnard, for your help in orchestrating this.  SMSPortal – you rock!

sms portal block

COMING UP!  The Walking for Paws and Claws walk in the UK is on the go!  That incredible couple, Beverley and Patrick Scott, is once again at it.  This is their 6th walk for us – at the end of which, they will have walked the equivalent of Durban to Cape Town, as the crow flies!  Their walks have sponsored many spayathons and changed many lives.  To be a part of this – please Like and join their Walking for Paws and Claws page on Facebook and follow their daily inserts.  They have a spay challenge and a pub challenge!  Join in the fun and make a difference.Still to go this year:  20 more sterilisations for Paterson, Thornhill/Loerie outreach, Bedford and Adelaide spayathons, Dinner for One fundraiser, a possible Trivia evening, Champagne brekkie and pantomime gala!


SPECIAL YOUNG LADY: Rebecca Roche wrote and published her own book and the proceeds are going to finance a full dipathon in the Northern areas in September.  Our most grateful thanks for this stunning gesture, Rebecca.  What an achiever and what a difference you will make.

And so, from a very grateful for our friends and supporters AACL PE, it is onward and upward in making a difference to those who cannot speak for themselves.  All with your help.



If you want to assist the outstanding work AACL PE is doing, please donate:

PEACHAACL:  Absa Newton Park 511917:  Account:  9210194329