The Future of Companion Animal Welfare: The Education Imperative


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela



The great majority of SA companion animal welfare organisations are involved in rescue and rehoming. A small minority focus on mass sterilisation, and an even smaller minority invest in the future of animal welfare by conducting education campaigns so that children and youth have the opportunity to learn about animal care.

If we are serious about sustainable change in the way animals are treated in South Africa, we need to play an active role in educating people in every community, and especially the poorer members. Every person you educate has the potential of becoming a responsible animal custodian.

This is how this initiative will work:

A booklet has been compiled entitled, “Your Best Friend – what you need to know” in conjunction with the SAVA and various Veterinary Professionals. The SAVA Community Veterinary Clinics have taken it upon themselves to drive this project and they agreed to allow me to make the booklets, which have been translated into Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho and Setswana, available on the Hopeful Foundation Forum for download.


There are a number of ways this facility may be utilised:

Download a booklet in the language you need for the community near you, get it printed (they have previously cost R12 per booklet) and distribute the booklets where they can do the most good.

Speak to your boss or any Corporate, ask them to sponsor the printing of a number of booklets. We will add their logo in the booklet as well as add a sponsor page at the end of the book. Get together with a number of friends to give them away in a community near you. Liaise with an animal welfare organisation close to you to coordinate areas and logistics.

Tell everyone you know about this initiative so that they will spread the word and get more people involved in educating for the future. Get people to sponsor the SAVC – CVC Education Initiative.

Their banking details are as follows:

ABSA Brooklyn 632005
Acc no. 4056779023
Email confirmation:

NB!!! Please use the reference “Booklets” to make sure your donation will be used to educate!

The booklets are here (right-click and Save As…)


SAVA Eng ebook1



SAVA Sesotho ebook



SAVA Setswana ebookSetswanasoftcover


SAVA Xhosa ebook



SAVA Zulu ebook1Zulusoftcover


SAVA Afr ebookAfrsoftcover