Why I Don’t Eat Animals

I finally finished the first edition of my booklet, “Why I Don’t Eat Animals”. I started it in 2011, and due to new research, changes in my own thinking, and work demands, it has taken me four years to complete.

I wrote it because I noted that many people either did not know about or did not understand all of the facets of the animal consumption issue, and whenever I came across literature on the subject, it invariably focused on one aspect and not the others. So there were essays and books dealing with the ethical argument that did not engage with the environmental issue or the question of socio-economics.

This is my attempt at presenting a comprehensive explanation for why I believe there is a rational case for reducing or ceasing the consumption of animals. I also wanted to keep it concise because I recognised that many people have an aversion to reading lengthy tomes. At 24 pages, it is an hour’s investment and hopefully it will keep you engaged. One can always follow the many links, should there be a need to read more detail.

This is not a book for academics, who may find the philosophical presence incomplete. It’s a book for laymen and pragmatists, written in language that everyone can understand. It’s a book that can be read by those wishing to understand more about the place of non-human animals in our world, those who have some sense of environmental responsibility or conservation, or even by those who are opposed to consideration for animals.

Download it here: Why_I_Dont_Eat_Animals

My sincere hope is that those who read it will apply their minds to the arguments contained, consider the ramifications of their thinking and action, and, should they see the need, make the necessary changes.

Derek du Toit