Ban Animal Trading: Update

(BAT sent this update via email and I thought I would feature it since many of you will not be aware of what they are doing. More updates next newsletter about their assistance with the Fireworks Banning Initiative)

The month of March saw BAT being formally registered as a non-profit company under registration number 2015/047319/07.

March also saw citizens standing up LOUD and VERY PROUD at the Lion Park in Lanseria Johannesburg on Saturday, 21 March 2015 to protest again canned hunting. Ban Animal Trading was very proud to stand with Campaign Against Canned Hunting, roaring for the lions. We thank CACH for a well organised protest, and for giving us all the opportunity to be the voice for the lions. As was expected, the Lion Park had a group of their own employees trying to intimidate the protestors. A case of assault has been opened against one of the Lion Park’s employees for pushing one of the protestors.

It has come to BAT’s attention that another breeding ground for the evil business of canned hunting is trying to rear it’s ugly head in the beautiful seaside town of George in the Cape. Dedicated Activists in the area have asked us to help them try and stop this before it starts. Please be a voice against exploitation and cruelty by signing this petition, sending e-mails to the addresses listed, and sharing this information widely with your friends and families. Together we can and do make a difference!

Who we are

BAT is committed to confronting and eradicating animal exploitation and abuse in all industries that benefit from the misery and suffering of sentient creatures. Compassion in Action is the slogan we live by, and our varied campaigns serve to provide our passionate and heroic supporters with a platform upon which to become directly involved in taking action and, in so doing, bringing about change to prevailing norms and standards as well as to outdated and inappropriate legislation. BAT views ongoing educational initiatives as the most crucial mechanism by which to achieve real progress and maintain real change. When people know better, they do better, and when they do better, they become the catalysts for real change in society.

Dog Fighting

The rain didn’t stop BAT who were at the Nigel Magistrate Court on Thursday, 26 March 2015 to protest against 18 suspects who were arrested in Tsakane during the course of November 2013 for alleged involvement in dog fighting. Unfortunately one of the accused’s lawyers was ill on the day and could not attend court. The hearing has again been postponed to 10 and 24 June 2015. Thanks to our supporters who stood up and were the VOICE OF THE VOICELESS.

During the course 5 December 2013, a further 8 suspects were arrested on suspicion of dog-fighting. This case is currently pending in the Atteridgeville Magistrate’s Court but it is unclear when this case will continue. We hope to be able to protest at the Atteridgeville Magistrate Court when the suspects go on trial.

BAT will keep you updated about both cases. Please keep an eye on our events page for further news and developments in this regard.

Pet Shops

During the course of March, BAT met with the management of Montana Family Market in Pretoria. The management are purportedly unaware of the fact that the public has a problem with Dirkie’s Pet Shop in their Centre and wants BAT to prove otherwise. Your urgent assistance is now required.

We are asking everyone to send an e-mail with their complaint about Dirkie’s Pet Shop to (please copy on the e-mail). In your e-mail please record that 1) you will not support Dirkie’s Pet Shop as long as it sells animals; 2) that you will support Dirkie’s Pet Shop if it stops selling animals; and 3) in light of the fact that the Centre permits the sale of animals on its premises, you have no option but to boycott the Centre until such time as this unethical situation is rectified.

In order to effect necessary and meaningful change to legislation affecting animals in South Africa, BAT needs to demonstrate to the government that there is public support (and pressure) for amendments to be made and appropriate legislation to be enacted. One way of doing this is submitting a mass petition against the sale of animals in pet shops and online to the relevant governmental department. BAT has been advised by its lawyers that an online petition will not work. South African legislation requires that, for a petition to have the necessary impact, it has to be signed in person.

We accordingly ask that BAT supporters download the petition (click here) and have friends and family sign it. Alternatively you can leave a copy of the petition in pet shops that don’t sell animals. Once the petition forms have been completed, please post them to BAT at the address indicated on the top of the petition.

To everyone who has already signed and mailed the completed petitions to us, we extend a huge thank you. We have about ten thousand signatures, but we need many, many more. In fact, our aim is to get one million signatures.

Animal Export

Despite international uproar about the baby elephants captured in Zimbabwe for export to the UAE and China, it seems that the deal will go ahead and the babies are destined to become part of a private zoo. You can read the update here.

The month of April is going to be a busy one for BAT as there are a number of awareness campaigns planned.

Please follow and keep an eye on our page for updates and developments in this regard.

How to Help
Report animal abuse it to the relevant authority or contact BAT for assistance.

Spread the word, educate and raise awareness.

Our fundraising efforts are essential to generating revenue for the funding of campaigns. You can help by donating quality items for resale through SAINTs Animal Charity Shop. Please remember to name BAT as a beneficiary when you donate.

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