Why dog racing must remain banned in South Africa

Dog racing is illegal in 38 of the 48 ‘home’ states in the USA, and for good reason.Dog racing includes many undesirable elements:

1. Race dogs live in crates or pens an average of 20 hours per day. Pens are for the most part not climate controlled and the dogs are subject to weather extremes and the elements. Pens and kennels have been found to be squalid.

2. Even with the greyhound rescue groups, greyhounds continue to be euthanized simply because they cannot run fast enough or have outlived their racing usefulness. This happens at 3½ to 4 years of age, when a companion greyhound can live to be 13 years old.

3. Some trainers have been caught giving performance-enhancing drugs to racing dogs.

4. Many times the dogs endure inhumane treatment with no real professional veterinary care and very little human contact.

5. Greyhounds are very prone to injury and they are not treated properly if injured, and in most cases are disposed of.

6. Small animals such as rabbits are used as live bail during practice sessions and are maimed and killed. The argument that this is necessary because it enhances the greyhounds “taste for blood” is totally invalid as greyhounds are sight oriented in hunting. They will chase moving objects; they are not motivated by the scent of blood.

7. Overbreeding. The greyhound industry is known for producing tens of thousands of animals each year — many more than will ever run a race — in its quest to breed winning dogs.

Thousands of ‘used up’ or aged-out greyhounds at racetracks and thousands more young, healthy ‘surplus’ dogs — products of over breeding — are disposed of each year. The lucky animals are euthanized by veterinarians. It is not unheard of for dogs to be killed by gunshot, bludgeoning, starvation or abandonment when they are deemed no longer useful or not fit to race.

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