Letter to KUSA: A member tells it like it is…

I have been a member for over 15 years and I am sorry to tell you the efficacy and image of KUSA is severely tarnished in the public eye.

You have breeders who are “puppy farming ” to the nth degree, breeders selling dogs to pet shops and puppy brokers and yet as the national governing body you do nothing?

I have personally sent you 2 names of abovementioned examples and they are still carrying on – bragging the dogs are registered with papers and they are! Open the junkmail gumtree, olx  and see for yourself…

If KUSA wishes for the dog world to increase in value and stature you need to stop being a toothless tiger and do something. Disbarr them, they will not be able to show (not that they are) nor charge the exorbitant prices they are for the puppies! (Which fyi is the reason they breed!!)

You also can control the number of litters registered per breeder per year that way you will see who is in it for the breed or greed. its the breed lovers that you need not the money makers!!

Or is KUSA enjoying their name dragged through the mud and the breeds destroyed by indiscriminate continuous litters?

You need to hand over all the breeders details to SARS they are making a living off breeding dogs tax free! Breeding is for the love of dogs, your breed, your passion.

There are a handful of breeders I know that are involved due to their love and support of the breed and are responsible till the end of each puppy’s life they sell, so they place them wisely to start with.

I am saying this as KUSA was once a reputable body to register with and it had some clout. Do you have any idea the reputation you have on facebook and in the public??

I am absolutely passionate about my breeds, all dogs actually and they are being farmed literally to their deaths, with many progeny landing up in welfare and spca’s – by being silent you are allowing this despicable behaviour. You breed good dogs to better the breed not for a monthly salary!

I implore you to heed my message as this problem worsens year on year and is already evident the dog show scene which I support, is deteriorating and diminishing rapidly.

Also, you can see the state of welfare in SA hundreds of purebred dogs are landing up in shelters, ratio being higher than crossbreds.

I am involved in both-showing and welfare so I can see both sides of the coin and it’s not a pretty picture.

If you wish to do nothing about this then you have no right to be the national kennel union of SA and I will ensure every KUSA member and all the welfare organisations I am involved with will receive this email and your response or the lack of- which I will then present to local media.

You can either have me as a passionate KUSA member or a thorn in your side but I assure you – I am a thorn that will not go away.

Fiona Markham